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Extreme Leadership Facilitator Certifications

Lee Dunham, Randy Barber, Dave Jobs, and Judy Sawin recently … Read more >
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Hopelink's 2015 Can Madness Tournament

OAC is a proud participant in Hopelink’s 2015 Can Madness … Read more >

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Suzan Vickerman is retiring.

Suzan Vickerman has been an integral part of OAC for … Read more >
Kirkland  Public Safety Building


Kirkland Public Safety Building

OAC Services managed construction of a new Public Safety Building … Read more >


Project Manager – Puget Sound

The role of Project Manager requires strong interpersonal, communication and … Read more >
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Thank you Sister Schools!

Thank you Sister Schools for your years of connecting students … Read more >

Construction Management. Architecture. Engineering.

OAC has a long history of success in niche design and construction disciplines. Our history is rich with success stories, but one theme emerges: We are successful because we hire the right people; people who, in addition to having superlative professional skills and a passion for growth, also possess an innate sensibility about how to treat other people.